Caffe Mode

Kelburn's Own Little Lounge

Breakfast – Served till 12

Apple and Cinnamon Porridge 


Blueberry & Vanilla Porridge


French Toast with choice of Bacon or Berries served with Maple Syrup and Banana


Spicy Beans on Toast 


Multigrain Toast with a choice of spread


Lunch – Served till 2.30

Eggs on Toast any way you like 


Eggs Benedict with Bacon


Bruschetta with Cherry Tomato, Feta and Basil served with Balsamic Reduction


Smashed avocado Mess, roughly mashed Avocado with crumpled Feta and a Poached Egg on Toast 


BLT or BLAT Sandwich 


Bruschetta with Garlic and Herbs Mushrooms and Halloumi 


Halloumi Salad, a bed of Mesclun topped with Pickles, Cherry Tomatoes and Olives 


Garlic Mushroom and Bacon Fettuccine