Caffe Mode

Kelburn's Own Little Lounge

Kelburn's Lounge

Caffe Mode has been a significant part of Kelburn for over 26 years. This delicate, lounge like, cafe' has been home to generations of Kelburn families and continues to bring the village happiness in the form of professionally made cups of coffee. 

Caffe Mode goes way beyond being just a suburban cafe', over the years we have become a strong part if not the very root of the community in Kelburn, the long-standing staff and the level of personal commitment of everyone is what makes us who we are. 

Great food and amazing coffee are also our strong suit! We strive to produce the perfect cup of coffee and the perfect poached eggs every time! 

We are, however, also a teaching cafe'. We provide entry level positions to aspiring chefs and baristas so that one day they may become teachers themselves. 

I would like to personally welcome you all to come see us in Kelburn and get to know us in person. 

Yours Truly, 

Tea K Torbinio

Caffe Mode Owner