Caffe Mode

Kelburn's Own Little Lounge

Havana Coffee

Caffe Mode is proud to partner with Havana Coffee Works to bring you the best cup of coffee in Wellington! That's right folks, this is no mediocre flat white you will be getting at Mode, but the very best extracted espresso and the perfectly steamed milk you deserve. 

The Wellington coffee culture is world famous and we want to be an active participant in it. Our two head baristas Tea and Hendy have over 30 yeas experience combined making coffee in Wellington, and they drink their fair share of coffee everyday so you know they have a trained palate for coffee perfection. 

All our other baristas come from all over the country and have been working in the industry for years and are expertly guided by the head baristas. 

We value our coffee making above all else at Caffe Mode, except for maybe making a few jokes and singing, so if you have feedback and you love coffee as much as we do, come have a chat to us!